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Consider taking a GAMA Global course with a group of colleagues. All courses are offered as a company or chapter enrollment. Courses cannot be taken on an individual basis.

Finding the Right People:

Finding the Right People identifies the tangible, applications-oriented practices, support and systems that differentiate the recruiting and selection practices of high-performing field leaders from their lower-performing peers, including:

  • The most important characteristic in a candidate profile
  • Typical lost opportunities in target recruiting
  • Why the devil is in the details of your recruiting & selection activities
  • Why simply doing the right things is not enough

Building the Right People:

Building the Right People gives you the tools you need to help new associates rise to the challenge. Based on the three C’s for fast start success — consistency, compassion, and connections — this one-day workshop provides strategies that will dramatically improve the way you launch new associates into the business. Increasing new associate retention, productivity, and profitability is possible. Building the Right People provides the solution that will position your new associates for success.

Keeping the Right People:

Keeping the Right People reveals the winning strategies high performing organizations use to retain their top performers. Based on the best practices of the masters of firm building —whose firms have retention rates well over industry averages—this one-day workshop identifies strategies you can use immediately to strengthen relationships with your top producers and provide the value-added support they say directly impacts retention.

Solid systems and processes are important, but they don’t guarantee high performance. It’s the actions, attitudes and behaviors of the people on your team that drive high performance, not the processes you implement. Building a High-Performance Business identifies the 10 best practices that top-performing leaders use to create a high-performance culture in their agencies and firms. By applying a strategic, systematic approach to best practices — an approach that focuses on people, not processes — you can create a culture where everyone on your team is:

  • Intensely loyal to the agency or firm.
  • Actively contributing to growing the agency or firm.
  • Focused on activities that get the best results.
  • Committed to achieving agency/firm goals.

Participants will work through a series of units in a blended learning setting as they study the behaviors of a high-achieving leader. Each unit will tackle a component of the business that is essential for success and growth. Some topics such as culture and retention will be the common threads woven into every unit and tying the course together. Participants will build upon their learning and connect back to previous unit through these common touchpoints. By the end of the course, participants will develop and present a business plan to include a vision for their organization, recruiting and selection plans, training and supervisory models, and other systems and processes that will be introduced throughout the course. 


Please email Director Global Relations Meredith Leutbecker and a GAMA Global team member will contact you.

Note on Finseca courses: all courses must be accessed through a company or chapter enrollment. Individuals do not have the ability to reach out to GAMA Global or Finseca directly to enroll in or access course content for any of the following courses.