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Becoming an AALU/GAMA Ambassador is one of the most effective steps towards advocating on behalf of the financial security profession and the clients and families it serves. And while it may seem intimidating, the process of getting to know a Member of Congress isn’t nearly as challenging as you might think. No matter at what point in your career you may find yourself, you can help AALU/GAMA continue to be a force here in the nation’s capital.

Politics here in Washington, D.C. can be frustrating. Our political system was, frankly, not designed to move quickly. And while we can’t promise you that your engagement will deliver every result we desire, we can promise you this – through your efforts you will have a seat at the table and stake in protecting the dreams and promoting the prosperity of the American people.

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Takes three simple things – knowledge, persistence, and a commitment to doing your part. Your participation is not only crucial to the survival of the industry, but it can help grow your business as well.