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You compete every day be recognized for it!

GAMA International’s prestigious Circle of Excellence award recognizes excellence in traditional and contemporary field management throughout the financial services, insurance, and investment industry. This award aligns with your MDRT advisor level.

Recognition & Visibility

Showcase your production status through the use of the Leadership Award seal and gain market visibility.

Circle of Excellence Levels:

a) 1st Level   Seat of Distinction:  3-5 MDRT qualifiers from agency/firm
b) 2nd Level  Seat of Glory: 6-9 MDRT qualifiers from agency/firm
c) 3rd Level  Seat of Honor: 10+ MDRT qualifiers from agency/firm
**Lifetime Member of the Circle of Excellence can be achieved after 5 consecutive years of Seat of Honor status

1. Active GAMA member in good standing
2. Achieved GAMA MAA and/or GAMA IMA Award
3. A Leader of MDRT members
4. Exemplifies high standards of Business Ethics
5. Exhibits high standards of Leadership Qualities